5 Tips For New Lawyers

Finishing law school and passing the bar exam is not for the weak, but being a full blown lawyer is harder. Putting all your learning and knowledge into action will take more than you have given in getting that degree in law. We have collected 5 tips for new lawyers from the most dignified, most credible, successful lawyers in the US.


1 Start With a Clean Slate

As a new lawyer, you  just finished the bar exam, and is definitely tired and exhausted. Your stress level is high, before going into the battles into the real world of law, take time to rest. Take a week off, maybe even make it two. Calm your mind, take time to relax, go on a trip. Once you get started practicing law, you will most likely have little to no time to do all the fun stuff. But once you are back from resetting your mind and body, make sure that you work hard and smart. Go back in track. Your long journey is just about to start.


2 Look for a Mentor

In this new and very challenging chapter of a new lawyer’s life, it is very important that he is able to identify people who can make great impacts in his career. There will always be those seniors that he may look up to and potentially build a strong professional relationship with, which may in the long run turn into a mentor-apprentice status. Do not be afraid to ask questions. As a neophyte in this field, it is expected that you ask about the things that were not really given much focus in law school. Do not try to be a know it all.  No one would like to mentor a showoff egotist.


3 Do Not Succumb To Imitation

There will always be someone better and bigger than you. You have to remember, you are just starting out and you are just on your baby steps to success. Do not compare yourself to those that are already on top of their game. Use their success to your advantage, use it for inspiration, but do not copy them. No two lawyers are alike. Their strategies could be perfect for their personality, but could not be a good match to yours.


4 Broaden Your connections

Join as many bar organizations as you can. These organizations will give you opportunities of meeting and rub elbows with leading lawyers across the country. Do not  be shy to introduce yourself. You have to stand out, but be careful not to give them the wrong impression that you are trying so hard to impress. Do it right. Be likeable and your career will definitely go a long way with the help of the right connections.


5 Own Your Mistake

Attorney Daniel A. Casey, the former administrative partner of the Miami office of K&L Gates said that “You are human, and you are a new lawyer — you will make mistakes. Never compound those mistakes by trying to cover them up. When something goes sideways, “fess up” immediately and then work with your colleagues to mitigate the mistake. You can’t fix it if you hide it.”